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Comprehensive Accreditation Course – 2 days

This program consists of a Pre-course Introductory Module, Two Days of Formal Instruction and Practice, and up to 3 hours of focussed follow-up expert support.

The Talegent PATH Comprehensive Accreditation Course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to decide on the best approach to hiring, including choosing an assessment, setting up the assessment process, and interpreting the results accurately and professionally.

This will enable you to integrate the world’s leading assessments into your HR decision making processes, as well as leaving you with your own complimentary PATH assessment account.

Once accredited you will gain immediate access to the PATH Personality, Cognitive, and Skills Assessments, with a range of 20 competency based job families to select from and an extensive range of reports including EQ, Leadership Potential, and Team Types. To put your accreditation into action, a coach consultant will spend up to 3 hours helping you apply and integrate assessment into your pre-hire and post hire talent identification processes.

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“Great job everyone! Thanks for making this topic very light despite the technicality of the course”.

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