Cognitive Ability Tests

Strongest predictor of on-the-job performance

Drawing on Talegent proprietary research, our cognitive ability assessments measure verbal, numerical and logical reasoning — then compare those competency measurements with manager ratings of on-the-job performance in a wide range of specific areas, from problem solving and ability to complete work tasks, to overall work performance.

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  • Select the best candidates faster
  • Identify high potential to improve & manage talent pipelines
  • Develop talent based on core strengths & development needs
  • Assess relative strengths & weaknesses to build more effective teams

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Talegent Cognitive Ability Tests

  • Offering Predictive Accuracy
    Get an objective and accurate picture of the performance you can expect from a candidate relative to the specific competencies required by your organisation and/or job roles.
  • We can also customise assessments
    By combining cognitive ability and work-style, we can provide fuller insight into how well a candidate will mesh with a given role and your overall organisation so you can achieve the optimal fit.


Talegent Online Assessment platform and Cognitive Profile reports.

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