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Hire your way to higher performance metrics

Talegent Contact Centre Solutions predict not only which candidates have the personality and abilities to succeed in a customer contact role, but those with the right “fit” to stay in the job, keep motivated, and generate higher sales conversions and customer satisfaction scores—based on extensive research on real, successful contact centre employees from entry-level to management.

Contact Centre Recruiting White Paper


  • Accurately identify top customer-focused talent and leaders
  • Reduce turnover – Improve attendance & productivity
  • Boost customer service, sales & efficiency metrics
  • Gain human intel to optimally organise your workforce
  • Boost the speed and efficiency of your recruiting process
  • Pick people based on proven performance predictors

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Exclusive Upfront Screening

Our short screener test narrows down the field fast. And you don’t pay by the head so you can screen all you want!


NEW Video
Interview Screening

Eliminate the need for phone screening by including video interviewing with the initial competency-based pre-screen. Learn more >>


Contact Centre
Specific Assessments

Focus only on important attributes for the roles you want to fill—and we continuously update to keep you on the
cutting edge.



We align with your recruitment campaign and employment value proposition to create a candidate experience that differentiates you.


Rank Results

From the screening stage through to full-blown assessments, we rank the candidates for you so you can handle volume with ease.


Plug & Play Integration with Your ATS

No one can integrate with your Applicant Tracking System faster.


Easy Scalability & Upgrade-ability

Our platform is built with the latest technology to handle high volume and the addition of enhancements with ease.


Local Support

Our local teams are ready to respond to your needs fast.


Boost the speed and efficiency of your recruiting process

On average, each posting for a contact centre position gets over 300 applicants. But Talegent enables you to power through them faster and at less cost. From offering unlimited upfront screening tests to quickly cull down the numbers (no more paying by the head!)… to single integrated tests that combine reasoning and behavioral competencies, we’ve built our system for maximum efficiency.

Pick people based on proven performance predictors

Higher scores for key competencies positively correlate with higher sales conversion rates—so we can help you select out those candidates who can lift your overall conversions, as well as other performance metrics. We can also help lower turnover by identifying key predictors of attrition, and screening them out.