Graduate Solution

Get first pick of the best grads

Our grad assessment solution enables you to power through massive volumes of candidates faster and at less cost—and single out the top potential performers before your competitors can.

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  • Scale to any volume with automation and efficiency
  • Reduce turnover – Improve attendance & productivity
  • Reduce HR man-hours and cost
  • Accurately identify top performers faster

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New Video Screening

Eliminate the need for phone screening by including video interviewing with the initial competency-based pre-screen. Learn more >>


Integrate With Sourcing Providers

Built for the new digital hiring reality, Talegent’s grad solution integrates with online job boards, social media and more.


Unlimited Screening
at a Low Flat Rate

High volume is no problem. Our short screening test narrows down the field fast. And you can screen all you want for a single low fixed fee.


Accurately Predict Performance

Continuously validated for up-to-the-minute accuracy, our competency sets make it possible to predict performance and cultural fit for any given role even with little to no work history.


& Engage

With automated registration, multiple tests consolidated into one, animated simulations and other new formats, and your branding, we create a shorter and sweeter candidate experience that separates you from the rest.



With results delivered instantaneously upon test completion through whichever HR Talent Management System (TMS) you use, you’ll be in a position to grab the best grads first.


Talegent’s 4 integrated modules together offer a complete end-to-end solution for grad hiring.