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Introducing Talegent EMPOWER

The first state-of-the-art competency-based assessment solution that you can do yourself easily, accurately and cost effectively. Competency-based assessment is the best available predictor of on-the-job performance. And now any organisation can take advantage of it with Talegent EMPOWER.

  • Proven accuracy based on cutting edge personality and cognitive ability testing methodology and real world data.
  • Pre-configured to deliver job-specific tests for a wide and growing range of industries.
  • Easy-to-interpret, actionable reporting.
  • No contract or dollar or volume commitment required.
  • Use to test as little as one single candidate… to hundreds.
  • Pay as you go by credit card.

Talegent EMPOWER lets you select job-specific tests within a given industry, and we’re continuously adding more.


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Blue Collar


& Clerical

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Technical Services


Empower Catalogue

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Talegent EMPOWER provides easy-to-read reports and results tables with accurate human intel to improve your staffing decisions.

From the industry leaders in digital-era assessment

Talegent was founded by veterans of leading global assessment companies for the specific purpose of helping organisations take advantage of the latest emerging tools to meet these new challenges. Using psychometric measures to objectively and accurately predict performance is the heart of what we do, and in that alone we’re not unique. But, powered by our proprietary assessment testing platform and our willingness to innovate to meet client needs, we help you do it faster, more efficiently, at less cost with better results.

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