Talent Identification

Accurately predict candidate performance with Talegent

Data drives smarter decisions. Talegent provides you with a proven, metrics-driven methodology to identify the right person for any given job role. Combining latest psychometric science with innovative online technology, we offer a range of solutions that help you hire better people in less time and at less cost.

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Industry-specific solutions

Talegent offers a wide range of talent identification solutions preconfigured for specific industries. Each focuses on a unique set of competencies proven to be most accurately predictive for the job roles within a given industry, based on giant sets of top performer and candidate pre- and post-hire data.

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Talegent PATH Data-Driven Assessment Platform

PATH is a next-generation assessment platform freshly built from the ground up to be able to offer maximum predictive accuracy with shorter format testing and faster delivery of results. Combining personality, cognitive ability and skills assessment, it provides a comprehensive assessment solution.

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Interactive solutions

Talegent’s interactive solutions allows you to assess candidates under realistic job conditions—to enhance predictive accuracy and help you make a better selection from a short list of candidates.

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Choose the level of talent identification solution support you need:


Talegent Custom Enterprise Solutions

For a larger number of candidates and/or a more tailored approach, our team of Psychologists can work with you to build a custom enterprise solution fully integrated with your Talent Management System (TMS).

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Talegent Empower™ – Self-Service Platform

Ideal for lower volumes, this supremely easy-to-use yet powerful solution lets you sign up free and pay as you go using a credit card.

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Australia’s Leader in Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests

Anyone can look over a resume and see all the relevant qualifications and experience, but the tough part of recruitment is to know who to hire on such limited information. One of the most important things when finding new employees is if their natural skills and personality will gel with your workplace – sometimes those with the technical know-how may not fit your company culture or lack the proper work ethic.

With Talegent you can accurately predict performance and identify talent thanks to our blend of digital technology and the latest in psychometric assessment techniques.

Testing aptitude and cognitive ability

Data is the driving force behind intelligent choices. Talegent uses metrics-driven techniques and strategies to recognise candidates who will fit the role best. With a blend of the latest psychometric science and intuitive online platforms, our options will save you time and money as we help you build the best team possible.

See detailed talent analytics and profiles across a number of qualities including personality, leadership, skills and cognitive ability to give you a much more comprehensive picture of your applicants. We also provide resources to develop existing employees by analysing their performance and discovering how to tap into their potential.

Employee assessment solutions for a range of industries

We understand that different businesses may hire employees for completely different reasons depending on the nature of their work. To address the variety of recruitment needs, we have backed up our universal assessments with employee aptitude tests designed especially for specific industries and their needs. Talegent has based these options on research that shows which competencies are most important to look for in pre-employment aptitude tests for different areas and provide the best prediction on an applicant’s potential.

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