Predictive talent analytics

Predictive talent analytics is the practice of assessing potential candidates before they are hired in order to predict their expected workplace performance. Talegent’s unique, proprietary technology allows you to screen candidates on the two clusters of traits that research has proved are the most accurate predictors of job performance — cognitive ability and personality — so that you can identify the top candidates best suited to your organisational environment.


Find the Most Suitable Candidates with Psychometric Personality Tests

Data drives smarter decisions. At Talegent we develop pre-employment talent identification programs, using informed techniques to help you hire intelligently. By embracing psychometric science and the growth of digital technology, we help save you time and money while helping you identify the best candidates in the field.

Predictive talent analytics gives you a much more detailed picture of each applicant to give you a better understanding of potential performance in your workforce. We use our own proprietary technology to assess applicants on personality and cognitive ability – the two areas which have been shown to be most reliable in predicting job performance – so you can build the best possible team for your organisation or business.

Use our candidate assessment tests and have confidence in your recruits

Talent analytics have become increasingly relevant in the growth of digital technology and online resources for businesses. It’s not uncommon to see a high number of applications for job vacancies of any kind, and it can be difficult to process numbers often reaching into the hundreds. What you get from a resume usually doesn’t give you enough information to separate potential candidates when you try to narrow down the field.

Talegent provides scientifically-backed solutions to simplify recruitment from your perspective by allowing you to identify talent using candidate suitability personality tests. Through the use of mobile applications, task simulations, online interviews and cloud data storage, it’s easier than ever to distinguish the best candidates with the highest potential in the role.

Measuring key areas and presenting detailed data

We provide a platform to track candidates over a range of different assessments, tests and competencies. Off-the-shelf packages are available for the specific needs of a variety of industries including retail, finance, hospitality, safety and customer service – with further options available to customise your own for your business.

Personality profile:
A more detailed description of the suitability of a candidate’s personality over a number of different scales. We will help you understand the implication of each result depending on the nature of the job.

Competency report:
Compare applicants’ skills and performance of key tasks relating specifically to the advertised role, using an ideal result as a measuring stick for the field.

Cognitive ability:
An in-depth analysis of general workplace performance indicators such as reasoning, numeracy, critical thinking and logic. This helps look behind qualifications and experience to highlight which candidate will be the perfect fit for your working environment.

Leadership profile:
Assessments to help identify those with the unique natural abilities and characteristics required to perform highly in leadership or management roles.

Emotional intelligence report:
A summary of how each individual handles emotion in the workplace from managing their own to how they perceive others. This is an important factor when selecting an employee, especially if the role or your organisation in general values emotional intelligence.

Team types report:
designed to quickly and accurately identify an individual’s preferred team type or team style, this report is useful for ensuring that balanced teams are built.

Assess your options with understandable test results


Not only do we provide the means to collect detailed information on applicants that you normally wouldn’t have access to – we intuitively present the results so that you can easily see any strengths and weaknesses in each area. You can compare the data to results from standard groups including professionals, graduates and entry-level employees, but most importantly you’ll see results compared with other candidates so that you see those with the highest performance potential.
Talegent’s metrics-based approach can also be applied to pre-screen large pools of applicants in a handful of key areas to quickly narrow down the field by up to 90%. This saves valuable time during recruitment and brings the most suitable candidates forward as quickly as possible so you can make clearer employment decisions.

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