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Talegent applies new psychometric assessment technologies to meet challenges of online recruitment.

From pre-employment screening to employee development, Talegent offers personality test, cognitive ability test and skills test solutions to provide you with accurate predictions of job performance, faster, more efficiently and at less cost—with a more engaging candidate experience.

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"willing to try a new platform... that other providers said was impossible to do. Not only did they pull off the impossible, they worked tirelessly to make it successful... an amazing firm to work with."
Rebecca Isted National HR Manager, Grant Thornton
“Everything about the experience of dealing with Talegent has been exceptional. We always felt as though we were their highest priority... I have no hesitation recommending Talegent…”
Damien Pfeiffer, HR Partner, Graincorp
“We would absolutely recommend using the services of the Talegent team. They are knowledgeable, passionate and forward thinking about what they do.”
Debra Ryan, HR Manager, BDO

Industry Solutions

Talegent offers many off-the-shelf online recruitment solutions using our assessment test platform already pre-configured for specific industries or hiring applications.

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PATH Solutions

Talegent PATH brings together a new ensemble of innovative personality, cognitive ability and skills tests under a single powerful and flexible, integrated system.

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Interactive Solutions

Our job simulations solutions offer you ultimate confidence that the person you hire for the job can actually do it because they actually—virtually—will have done it.

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Helping Australian Businesses Recruit with Psychometric Testing

Hiring new staff is a mammoth task that is often highly time and resource consuming, especially when you’re dealing with a large volume of candidates. One of the key challenges is sorting through piles of applications with limited information and eventually narrowing it down to a single person.

Talegent was established to bridge the gap between growth in digital hiring practices and traditional assessment providers. We use state of the art techniques and technology to help Australians meet these challenges and make the process as smooth as possible.

Using psychometric assessment to identify talent

Our innovative digital solutions give you the opportunity to save time and money on laborious processes and make the experience much smoother for both you and the applicants. We help you assess candidates in areas specific to the position: you can provide them with an interactive simulation of a working environment and give them skills tests to see how they would perform with particular tasks.

Personalised solutions for any business

Depending on the field, some organisations will place more emphasis on particular tests. With Talegent’s PATH platform you can choose exactly what you need from our wide range of features, giving you freedom to customise our products and save on costs.

Gain a better understand with cognitive ability and personality testing

While we do test applicants on job-specific areas, we also focus on gathering more detailed information on a candidate’s personality and qualities to give you a much clearer idea of who will suit the role best. We’ll give you an overview of their personality, cognitive ability and emotional intelligence to highlight how they would perform in a role, including leadership profiles for potential management positions.

Using psychometric assessment for recruitment gives you the short-term benefits of evaluation and analytics while you search for a new employee, and the long-term gain having hired the best possible candidate.

To find out more, contact your nearest Australian branch and schedule a demo today.